October .NET User Group
Start Time: October 29 2020, 6:00 PM
Hosted By: Microsoft Teams
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Sponsored by : Orion Advisor Solutions, eMerging, Inc

Posted by beolson at October 18 2020, 7:43 PM

Welcome to another installment of Virtual .NET User Group!

Last month was our first month using Teams, and overall, it worked out well. While the YouTube streaming resulted in some nice results it was tricky to pull off and occasionally error prone - like the time a few months ago when I forgot to hit the "Go Live" button before starting. So, we will continue to use Teams this month.

Speaking of this month, we have 2 presenters presenting on a couple of topics that are often overlooked, but important to the success of your project.

We also have Co-Sponsors this month and they showed up with an impressive list of door prizes.

From Orion Advisor Solutions

  • $100 Top Golf
  • $50 to Arcadian Grille
  • $50 to Taxi's

From eMerging

  • $100 to Amazon
  • $50 to Local Beer Patio
  • $50 to Pitch

We will draw the winners from the list of people in Teams - so be sure to join us!

Microsoft Teams

Teams Meeting

Monitoring the Health of your Services by Ben Bedell

Monitoring the health of your applications and services is a critical component to help with the observability of your applications. It is a necessity for large monolithic applications, and even more so for individual microservice applications. This is a look at a nuget package (Microsoft.AspNetCore.Diagnostics.HealthChecks ) that handles the repetitive part of implementing health checks, and makes it easy to have a standardized approach to monitoring applications and their dependencies, memory, disk, and creating health probes when using containers or load balancers.

Migrating to Azure Application Settings and Azure Secrets by Philip Wolfe

Managing application settings and secrets can be challenging when you consider secure storage, environmental differences, and controlling access to these values. In this rapid fire presentation, we will create an Azure App Config and Azure Key Vault to address with these concerns. We will modify an on-prem app to switch from using values stored in the config file to calling the Azure resources through the Azure Microsoft Configuration Builders github project. We will wrap up with a quick synopsis of pros/cons and lessons learned through Orion’s migration to storing values in the cloud.

Ben Bedell

Director of Enterprise Architecture at Orion Advisor Technology. My programming career started when I was 14, working at 4-Tees driving range off 144th and Giles Road. 4-Tees was short for “4-Teachers” who started the driving range as an investment. One of the teachers happened to teach computer science, and with his help, I wrote my first application on an Apple II computer for my dad’s company which was somewhat of a CRM for their sales team. The program was used for a short time, and it really ignited my passion for programming. After school, and a couple jobs, I started at Orion almost 21 years ago where the CEO shared the passion for great software and have felt at home ever since. I have been on an amazing journey, going from 3 developers to where we are now, over 200 employees in software development, and over 400 employees total. Our journey took us from FoxPro to Access to VB6, to all the dot nets. It is a personal challenge every day to grow with the company, and I still get excited about learning new skills.

Philip Wolfe

Enterprise Application Architect. Philip has been developing software with .NET since 2001. He was a conference director of HDC for 5 years, 2 time speaker at Microsoft Tech Ed, 2 time presenter at Infotec, and first president of the .NET users group in Omaha. He is a Nebraska native, married with 3 children, and board member of Omaha Christian Academy. You can follow him at @philipwolfe on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub.

Orion Advisor Solutions

Orion Advisor Solutions is a financial wealth management technology company that builds custom developed software. Today, we have over 2,000 advisors nationally that utilize our software some as large as TD Ameritrade and with our newest acquisition of Brinker Capital we just hit over 1,100 employees. We have grown 50% year over year and with our growth are adding to our 21 squad teams and enterprise team. Orion is putting steps in place to become the “destination employer” and have added to our benefits to offer Pawternity leave as well as a Paid Parental Leave. We know you’ve been hearing the hype, join in and learn from our team and hear about Orion!

eMerging, Inc

eMerging, Inc. is an Information Technology Professional Services company. We specialize in connecting qualified IT Talent with our valued clients. We partner with companies that are growing, changing and positioned for success. We attract and hire IT Talent and carefully align them with the needs of our clients and their business culture. We are a full-service staffing company: we support our clients with contract, contract to hire, & direct hire recruitment. We recruiter anything and everything IT: from Help Desk to CIO roles. Our mission is to build strong, authentic relationships with our clients, candidates & consultants.

Matt Ruwe
.NET User's Group Co-Leader

Brian Olson
.NET User's Group Co-Leader

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